Ghost Hunting

Hauntings in Asheville NCGhost Hunting in Asheville is an activity that draws the interest of both professional paranormal investigators and the novice who is simply interested in researching and experiencing haunts firsthand.  For those who share the interest of Ghost Hunting, Asheville provides ample opportunities for one to explore.

First and foremost we recommend that you enjoy a really good ghost tour of Asheville. Step into the world of the unknown with one of several venues available for hair-raising tours into the spirit realm of this mountain town. Take a leisurely stroll and search along the shadowy streets of downtown Asheville to hear stories of the unexplained and the strange. Visit and book tickets online at

Historic Riverside Cemetery is one of the best places to experience the spirits that walk in the plane outside the physical world as we all know it.  The cemetery encompasses 87 acres of rolling hills and flower gardens overlooking the French Broad River. Riverside Cemetery dates to 1885, when the Asheville Cemetery Company established the land as a municipal graveyard to answer the growing need for burial grounds.  It is still an active cemetery with more than 13,000 people buried there, 9000 monuments and 12 family mausoleums. Many of the graves in Riverside contain remains which were removed from other burial grounds and were re-interred there.

Once inside the large iron gates, you may take a self-guided walking tour through ancient oak, poplar, dogwood and ginkgo tree.

Riverside is the burial place of noted authors Thomas Wolfe and William Sidney Porter, better known as O. Henry. You can learn about Confederate generals James Martin, Robert B. Vance and Thomas Clingman.   James H. Posey, a bodyguard to Abraham Lincoln; and the remains of 18 German sailors from WWI.  It is also the burial place of Daniel Reynolds, the builder of Reynolds Mansion and all his descendants.

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Is Reynolds Mansion Haunted?

Haunted Mansion in Asheville, NCAnd so the question by most of our guests is, is Reynolds Mansion Haunted? That certainly has been the subject of much debate.  Reynolds Mansion has been the focus of several ghost hunting investigations by many professional and amateur paranormal groups here in Asheville, NC.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Reynolds Mansion is an absolute must see to believe home. We find the best way to handle the “ghost question” is just invite you in to decide for yourself.

Yes we have stories to tell. Things sometimes do go bump in the night! Sometimes they go bump in broad daylight! Oh, and these unexplained occurrences aren’t just limited to noises! We have had numerous eye witnesses too.

Are you scared?  You shouldn’t be!

So far, we’ve had guests report noises in the middle of the night, doors unlocking, shadows on the wall, the smell of perfume in the rooms, and one guest actually saw an apparition in his bed- room.  He actually wrote a waltz called Anne Lee’s Waltz written for Anne Lee Reynolds who is said to still walk the halls of Reynolds Mansion and still reside in her room on the third floor, now called Maggie’s room.

We have all here seen and heard things in this beautiful old house that can’t be easily explained away.  Lights turning on and off by themselves, doors opening and closing with no one around, and footsteps of someone walking around in the upstairs halls.

To this day we’re not sure of the identity of all the spirits here at Reynolds Mansion, but we suspect it’s some of the Reynolds family keeping a careful watch over the old family home.  Generations of Reynolds lived… and died in this house.

So we invite you to come and share in our hospitality, and if by chance you are one of the lucky ones who get to experience a little “ghostly activity,” well at least you have a story to share at breakfast!  Come ghost hunt with us here in Ashville, and enjoy some haunted fun.