Book Direct – Watch out for those 3rd party booking sites.

by | Mar 22, 2019 | miscellaneous

Wanted to reach out to our guests of Reynolds Mansion about a problem that is becoming more and more frequent these days, and causing some serious problems for guests trying to book directly online.

That problem is 3rd party booking sites!, Expedia, to name a few,  and Trip Adviser who now thinks that being in the 3rd party booking business is more profitable than being a site for reviewing properties.

These sites are “mirroring” Reynolds Mansion website, along with other business to try and get customer business thereby confusing guests who think they are on our actual website.  When you book on these 3rd party sites you are paying a commission for doing so and paying a room rate sometimes as high as 20% more than if you had booked directly through Reynolds Mansion’s website or calling us directly to book.

It’s all is very confusing, and you will think that you are on Reynolds Mansion website, but trust me, you won’t be.  When you see room prices that seem out of the norm, please check to make sure you are booking directly through Reynolds Mansion website, if you are unsure,  please call Reynolds Mansion directly at (828) 258-1111.

Reynolds Mansion website is – Please help stop these companies from taking the direct bookings from independent business of all types.  BOOK DIRECT!

Book Direct – Watch out for those 3rd party booking sites., Asheville Bed & Breakfast & Luxury Lodging | The Reynolds Mansion