Getting Ready for Spring Planting

by | Mar 8, 2016 | miscellaneous

Getting Ready for Spring Planting

“I’m Getting Ready for the Garden”

So yesterday with the temperature supposed to be in the high 60’s this week, I decided it was time to start clearing out the flower beds and getting the vegetable garden ready for seeds and plantings.  When I start this task; I inevitably find plants that need replacement, places for new plants, and what seeds and plants I need to order for 2016.

So this morning I sat, going through some more plant catalogs to decide what I have the feeling for trying this year at Reynolds Mansion.  It occurred to me that when reading plant and seed descriptions they never end up looking how they describe them.  Everything I have ever planted happened to turn out fantastic totally by luck – never by how it was explained it would be.  So I thought I’d let you in on how I interrupt the descriptions and REAL terminology I see in the plant and seed catalogs.

I hope it helps you make good decisions for your own garden – Come see us soon at Reynolds Mansion – You can stick a fork in winter – It’s done.

The real meaning of plant catalog terminology:

“A favorite of birds” means to avoid planting near cars, sidewalks, or clotheslines.

“Grows more beautiful each year” means “Looks like roadkill for the foreseeable future.”

“Zone 5 with protection” is a variation on the phrase “Russian roulette.”

“May require support” means your engineering degree will finally pay off.

“Moisture-loving” plants are ideal for landscaping all your bogs and swamps.

“Carefree” refers more to the plant’s attitude than to your workload.

“Vigorous” is code for “has a Napoleonic compulsion to take over the world.”

“Grandma’s Favorite” — until she discovered free-flowering, disease-resistant hybrids