The Past and Present meet again at Reynolds Mansion

by | Aug 20, 2012 | miscellaneous

On August 27, 1960 Senator Robert R. Reynolds known to Asheville as “Buncombe Bob” held a lavish “coming out” party for his daughter Mamie Spears Reynolds as she approached her eighteenth birthday. Meyer Davis, the famed society orchestra leader, was flown in from New York and wrote a song for the occasion, appropriately called “Mamie”. Mamie wore a white silk gown created for her by Christian Dior of Paris.

Mamie Reynolds had a governessMamie Reynolds had a governess by the name of Mimi Palmer and just recently the nephew of Mimi Palmer Mr. John Nicholson Jr. visited with us here at Reynolds Mansion. Mr. Nicholson generously donated a signed copy of the original Meyer Davis sheet music written for young Mamie.

This weekend three past college roommates named, Julie Emmons, Kristen Smith and Sarah Langston were guests of ours here at Reynolds Mansion and one morning at breakfast, Julie and Kristen delighted everyone here in playing the piano rendition of the Meyer Davis piece entitled “Mamie”. Having not been heard since August 27, 1960 it was a moment where the past mingled with the present here at Reynolds Mansion. Below are a picture of Julie and Kristen at the piano and also the video clip of their performance so that everyone can hear the beautiful music called “Mamie.”